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The Benefits of Custom Signage

If you have a unique visual communication need, custom signage may be a good option. A custom sign is an excellent way to convey a message and create an impact on your audience. While many different types of signage can be considered custom, only a select few are truly bespoke. As with any order, custom signage requires careful thought and consideration. If you’re looking for a sign with the most impact, get in touch with Joliet Signs and Graphics to discuss your requirements.

PVC is one of the most flexible plastic sign materials, but it’s not suitable for outdoor use. It’s available in a wide range of thicknesses, from thin 1/8″ to thick 2″! It can also be colored, which has its advantages. Most sign vendors will have samples of available colors for you to view. However, PVC should only be used indoors and should not be exposed to extreme temperatures. For this reason, it’s best to use the more expensive materials such as wood or acrylic.

Custom signage allows for greater flexibility in branding. Custom signs allow businesses more control over the style and material of the sign, and can incorporate specific branding elements. These can include the colors of the company, trademarks, images, slogans, and more. In addition to ensuring a seamless look throughout the entire building, custom signs can add personality to a business’s image and create a professional and memorable image. A custom signage can be used as a decoration tool in any room, and can also enhance the interior and exterior design.

The quality of your signage is one of the most crucial aspects of branding. Statistics show that over 50% of American consumers have entered a store based on a sign. Additionally, over half of them say a lack of a sign has prevented them from walking into the store. Thus, businesses are losing money due to improper signage. And while signage is an essential part of branding, it’s often overlooked by business owners. If your business is lacking in this vital component, consider getting custom signs for your business.

The history of signage goes back many centuries. The first signs were created for purposes of advertising and attracting public attention. They were large and sometimes of high artistic merit, and their popularity increased as time went by. During the 16th century, wrought-iron signs were introduced. A patent issued in 1971 for data driven signage may be the first of its kind in the USA. There are numerous other examples of custom signage across the world. So, take some time to learn more about the history of signage, and find a custom signage solution that’s right for your business. You can get your signs designed with the help of professional custom signage maker from South Chicago signage shop.